Molex 39000040

Molex 39000040
Mini-Fit Crimp Contacts
Molex Mini-Fit pin and receptacle crimp contacts are connector contacts for use in the Mini-Fit Junior plug and receptacle housings. These crimp pin and receptacle terminals feature multiple points of contact for a reliable electrical connection and a higher current carrying capacity. Locking tangs on the crimp contacts secure them firmly in the connector housing. These Mini-Fit crimp contacts are available with a range of platings and wire size ranges for design flexibility.

Разъемы, Соединители / Контакты разъемов - гнёзда, штыри / Контакт штыревой на кабель под обжим
Инфо: Contact PIN Crimp ST Cable Mount 18-24AWG Mini-FitR Reel