Linear Technology
RS-485 Line Drivers and Receivers, Linear Technology
<B>Linear Technology</B>’s RS485 standards are widely used in local networks as well as data transfer over long distances and they are ideal in industrial and commercial applications. The Profibus (Process Field Bus) protocol is carried out for fieldbus solutions in factory and process automation environments. The RS422 standard is similar to the RS485 standard but does not permit multiple drivers on a bus.<BR/><BR/>The RS485 Transceiver (formally TIA-485) defines a differential data transmission up to 10Mbps.The low power CMOS RS485/RS422 Interface transceivers feature failsafe receivers, high voltage, high data rates, high ESD protection types and transceivers (TXRX) featuring pin-controlled switchable 120 Ohm termination resistors.<BR/>

Микросхемы / Интерфейсы / Драйверы, ресиверы, трансиверы
Корпус: 8-SOIC, инфо: Интерфейс RS485/RS422, полудуплекс, микромощный